Our Story

Protecting your skin, saving our oceans.

Our mission is to provide an ocean friendly anti-chafing cream that protects your skin whilst also helping to save our oceans from the catastrophic effect of plastic. Ocean Lube is handmade in South West England using organic plant-based ingredients then lovingly wrapped in plastic-free packaging, ready to be delivered to your door.

Meet the Team

We love spending time in the ocean, whether it is swimming with friends, competing in triathlons, or surfing the waves. What we don’t love is the red raw neck from a wetsuit or the chafing after long swims! We created Ocean Lube to eliminate this problem.

Our Products

We find our 200g tub is enough to keep even the most seasoned customers chafe free throughout the year. However, if you are looking to take your tub to events overseas then our new 100g travel tub is perfect!

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