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The Ocean Friendly Anti-Chafing Cream

Why choose Ocean Lube

This anti-chafing cream is unique; not only is it plant based but it is also plastic free. It allows you to avoid uncomfortable chafing whilst also helping to save our oceans from the catastrophic effect of plastic.

Protecting your skin, saving our oceans.

If you love having fun in the big blue, then Ocean Lube is the product for you. Ethically made with the environment in mind, it will prevent chafing and ensure you don’t leave any nasty chemicals behind.

Plastic Free

Our reliance on plastic over the past couple of decades has had a catastrophic effect on the environment. Our landfills are overflowing and our oceans are becoming littered – by 2050 there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish1. Microplastics in our food and drink are even making their way into our bodies! Together we can turn the tide on plastic and choose plastic free products.

Plant Based

Our product is made from a special blend of shea butter, coconut oil and aloe vera gel – all of which are derived from plants and are rich in antioxidants. Traditional anti-chafing creams use petroleum chemicals and grease from sheep wool, neither of which we were keen to put on our skin! Ocean Lube contains no animal derived products and is proud to be vegan.

Wetsuit Safe

Ocean Lube is made from plant-based ingredients and completely free from petroleum. Providing reliable protection for your wetsuit/drysuit, preserving its quality just as effectively as it safeguards your skin.

Cruelty Free

Rest assured, our product is committed to ethical standards, ensuring that no animals were harmed or utilised for testing during its creation. You can trust in our dedication to cruelty-free practices.

Our Mission

We love spending time in the ocean, whether it is swimming with friends, competing in triathlons or surfing the waves. What we don’t love is the red raw neck from a wetsuit or the chafing after long swims. We created Ocean Lube to eliminate this problem!

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