Partnership with SwimTrek!

We’re incredibly excited to team up with SwimTrek for 2024, providing tubs of Ocean Lube for their award-winning swimming adventures. They’re committed to keeping customers chafe-free; swapping out Vaseline for Ocean Lube as part of their sustainability initiatives. We’re thrilled to be part of this positive change and urge you to do the same. Read on to discover more about SwimTrek and why making the switch is a great idea for you too.

Who are SwimTrek?

SwimTrek provides top-rated swimming excursions to more than 60 destinations, featuring sought-after trips such as those to the Maldives, Hawaii, Belize, and the Lycian Way. Each journey offers its own distinct charm and allure, as evidenced by the glowing reviews they receive. Their team comprises of skilled guides, local pilots, and welcoming head office staff, all deeply dedicated to open water swimming and ensuring your experience with SwimTrek is unforgettable.

As one of their 20 sustainability initiatives, SwimTrek has bid farewell to Vaseline and chosen Ocean Lube instead. Here’s what they had to share…

“Having tried out a few eco-friendly anti-chafing creams over the summer we found that Ocean Lube was our swimmers’ favourite…”

“Our guides took it out to the Greek Cyclades in September and our HQ team used it for their Channel Relay swim and the feedback from both camps has been top notch.”

Why choose Ocean Lube over Vaseline?

Numerous swimmers utilise Vaseline to mitigate chafing during extended swims. However the use of vaseline presents several environmental concerns:

  1. Petroleum Consumption: Vaseline is a by-product of the oil refining process. Its production directly contributes to the consumption of finite fossil fuel resources.
  2. Greenhouse Gas Emissions: The extraction and refining of petroleum, as well as the manufacturing process for Vaseline, release significant amounts of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4). These gases contribute to global warming and climate change.
  3. Air Pollution: The refining and manufacturing processes associated with Vaseline production release various pollutants into the air, contributing to air pollution and respiratory issues.
  4. Water Pollution: Improper disposal of Vaseline or its containers can lead to water pollution. When Vaseline enters water bodies, it can create a film on the surface, reducing oxygen exchange and harming aquatic life. Additionally, its petroleum-based ingredients can contaminate our water sources.
  5. Non-Biodegradable: Vaseline is not readily biodegradable. When discarded improperly, it can persist in the environment for extended periods, accumulating in ecosystems and posing risks to wildlife.

Ocean Lube is the sustainable alternative, it’s protects your skin whilst also helping to save our oceans.
Unlike Vaseline, derived from petroleum and potentially harmful to neoprene, our lube is crafted from natural, organic ingredients that are safe for wetsuits.

We’re incredibly thrilled about our collaboration with SwimTrek, joining forces to ensure their customers enjoy a sustainable and chafe-free experience. We highly recommend you exploring their fantastic swimming trips, especially if these pictures have already piqued your interest.

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